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The two men I called my grandfathers are not, technically.  You won't find their names on the birth certificates of my mother or father although they do appear, as the fathers of the bride and groom, on their marriage certificate.  So, in addition to names related to the previously detailed genealogies of my parents (view the Gent and Fletcher pages), there are other family lines I am tracking. 

The following, in the places indicated, are of ongoing interest and I would be pleased to hear from anyone who thinks we might have connections to explore.

       ALLEN              Lambeth, Surrey and Folkestone, Kent
       BAILEY            Middlesex
       BUCKLAND    Middlesex
       DADD/S           Canterbury, Kent
       DEAN               Middlesex
       HOUGH            Surrey
       LUCAS             Surrey
       RICHARDS     Middlesex
       SHOULT          Surrey
       SMITHSON     Folkestone, Kent
       SWIN(Y)ARD  Saltwood and Hythe, Kent
       WILLIAMS       Middlesex

And then there is the matter of my sons' Polish heritage.  I am researching the Eastern European names of HUPPERT and KOWALEWSKA/SKI, as well as  DRAPELLA, HOROWICZ, HUBER, MEDVEY, and MOTAN/T.

A family reunion is an effective form of birth control

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