Stourmouth, Kent

A geographical location will occasionally evoke an emotional response, often for no logical reason.  While Stourmouth (pronounced not like DOOR-muth, as I thought, but like st-OW-r-muth) is a parish in which many of my mother's ancestors lived and died, it has nothing remarkable to recommend it.  Today, the village boasts a church which was made redundant in 1979, a pub and a smattering of houses; in 1991 the population was just 251.  It's a pretty enough spot in the east Kent countryside but there are dozens just like it.  However, Stourmouth still draws me.

In August of 2004, I became the Online Parish Clerk for Stourmouth.  The aim of the OPC scheme is, via the Internet, to make all the records relating to a particular parish freely available in order to further research in family, local, social and economic history.  For more information, visit Kent Online Parish Clerks.

Over time, I will be transcribing parish records - baptisms, marriages, and burials. This is a slow process and your patience is appreciated! To date, there is:

      Baptisms 1794-1902      

      Marriages 1754-1836

      Burials 1700-1799

Please remember that these are transcriptions, and should be verified for accuracy.  The records I worked from were films of parish records, and the handwriting is not always as clear as one might like.

Visitors to this website have contributed additional information about Stourmouth, so I have split this page into three sections:  The Place, The People, and Census Records.

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